The Airjibeflamingo surf School is a VDWS INTERNATIONAL affiliated center that uses the latest generation of teaching material that allows easy learning both on the base and advanced level of Windsurf and Stand Up Paddle.
Both single and full courses are conducted with which VDWS patents can also be obtained.
The international teaching method enables fast learning of both basic and advanced windsurfing.

  • Level 1: Learning the basic manoeuvres. Starting out and tacking. In only 4 days you will be able to navigate on your own in light wind conditions.
  • Level 2: This course enables you to acquire greater confidence in medium strength winds, learn the tack in three steps and the jibing with daggerboard.
  • Level 3: use of the harness, tacks, best body and rig position when coursing with or without daggerboard. Learning of the beach-start and planing on the water
  • Level 4: How to steer the board with your feet, straps technique, slalom, power jibe, quick tack, water start.
  • Level 5: Water start and all variations, variation in the power jibe, duck-jibe method, basic techniques for radical manoeuvres and, most important of all, confi dence in all wind conditions.